3 Most Popular Ways To get Free Subway Surfers Coins

free subway surfers coinsIn case you don’t already know what subway surfers game is all about then it would interest you to know that it an infinite runner game where the player tries hard to evade the inspector who caught him in the act of doodling on the subway wall and is ever on his trail to bring him in for justice. In the game, you are required to keep running so that the inspector and his dog don’t catch up with you. While running, you are also expected to collect as many coins and stars as possible at the same time swerving left or right and ducking under or jumping over different obstacles placed on your path. In addition to these road obstacles strategically placed on your path are also oncoming trains of different sizes moving and incredible speed which you must watch out for so that you don’t get hit or crushed by them.

As you will eventually come to agree with me, this is indeed a very interesting and fascinating game which you can keep playing all day long without being consciously aware of the passing of hours.

Now as you keep playing subway surfers, you quickly come to the realization that to advanced quickly ahead in the game you will need to buy various in-house game upgrades with the coins you collect. What this means is that coins play a vital role in successfully playing and winning in the game of subway surfers.

Getting this coins can be easy, fast and totally free depending upon the means and method used in acquiring it. In this article, it is our goal to share with you three popular ways or tactics which you can put to use and immediately begin generating these coins. If this sounds like what you do be interested in then, we encourage you to read on.

Subway Surfers Coins: My Method for Getting them for Free

Hack Subway Surfers: getting your subway surfers game completely hacked to unlock all premium features is by far the best method to generate unlimited amount of coins. This can be easily accomplished by making use of subway surfers hack tool and generator to completely unlock the game. These tools can be found on popular gaming websites that offer cracks and cheat tools. But you have to be careful which website you end up using so that you don’t get your device infected with viruses. Avoiding downloading tools and files from unknown and untrusted websites. If you must, then don’t forget to run the downloaded file through a real antivirus application to confirm that the file is clean and free from malware.

Buy Coins with Real Money: if you are too paranoid to make use of online coins generator and hacking tools for fear of getting your phones infected with virus then there is another option which is safer and fast but not free! This method involves spending your real money on the acquisition of these resources. Unlike the first method where no expenses are incurred, in this second method, expenses are incurred because you get to spend real money to buy coins and stars and any other resources that you are interested in acquiring.

The Default Method: in case you are you are not comfortable making use of cheat tools and spending real money to get the above-mentioned resources then there is one finally route that you can adopt, and that is to keep playing the game for a lengthy period in the hope of being rewarded with huge amount of coins. As you will agree with me, this is not the surest or safest method to deploy except you are not cool with the already highlighted and discussed methods above.