7 Very Simple Packing Hacks That Will Allow You to Fit Everything into the Suitcase

Whether you are going to travel somewhere during holidays, a simple visit to the relatives or a business trip you always rely on your good old suitcase. Chances are, there is not a single person you know that hasn’t complained about packing. Well, if you stick to the following packing tips, you can be the one people know that doesn’t complain about packing.

  • Always bring a scarf, even if you don’t need it. Scarfs are ideal when it comes to protecting delicate items. The larger, the better. You can wrap your perfume bottles, some other glass items you carry around, or maybe some delicate souvenir to take back home.
  • Bring a silk scarf as well. You are probably wondering what’s with all the scarfs, but silk ones are perfect for wrapping your blazer in. It will protect it from wrinkling. You can also pack a small portable handheld garment steamer to remove eventual wrinkles.

steamer cloth

  • Use belts to keep collars from spoiling. Let’s assume you are travelling to attend a wedding and wish to be able to dress instantly. You have your blazer covered with the silk scarf, and your shirt collar perfect because you placed a belt inside it to keep it in shape. Can’t get any simpler than that.
  • Pack tiny items with packing cubes. These cubes come in tons of shapes and sizes. Obviously, they are all fairly small, they are called cubes for a reason. You can place any tiny items you are taking with you in them. You can even take a few in different colours, for different things, so that you can distinguish between them effortlessly. One of all the chargers, other for the jewelry, a third for the underwear, a forth for the medication etc.

  • Use an additional carry-on bag. You don’t always have your suitcase by your side. A bag which you can carry with you will contain all the items you deem essential for your needs. However, do make sure it’s of a moderate size – you want to be able to carry it around without feeling your shoulder is about to break off.
  • Multi-use cosmetics and beauty products. Arguably a girl’s best friend for travelling. Naturally, when you are away from home, you don’t have the same time to get ready in the morning. These products will allow you to get ready and put the make up faster.
  • Beauty product samples are ideal for packing and travelling. A lot of people a ashamed of asking or taking small sample beauty product packages, not realizing they can come in very handy for travelling purposes. Aside from being easy to carry around, their size means you will never have issues with customs.
  • Grab some additional, preferably eco bags. You can use them for your dirty clothes and separate them from the rest of the clothes in your suitcase. They can also be used for storing any new clothes you buy.

Stick to these tips and keep the packing worries away. You can be sure you won’t wrinkle your clothes, will keep collars in perfect shape, and will never break any fragile items.