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A great gift idea Custom Paper Bags

It could be very hard for human beings to refuse top matters while they’re offered with one. Custom Paper Bags have the cappotential to ignite a incredible feeling of affection in human beings. The lovely designs and hues that the custom designed present packing containers comes with, makes it even hard for the eyes to… Read More »

What Is a Chartered Accountant Penang?

Chartered Accountant Penang designation is worldwide, and it describes expert accounting professionals who are qualified to take on a number of certain activities within the range of book-keeping. Such tasks include auditing monetary declarations, filing of business tax returns, and also monetary advising. While the name is seen around the globe, in the USA, the… Read More »

The Importance Of Keeping Up With Tech trends

With the continuing evolution of technology, it’s not surprising how trends are constantly changing as well. A big number of companies try to create new trends or keep up and ride with the current ones as they create new tech startups that will hook the public and keep them wanting for more. Take Flappy Bird… Read More »

Why Tech Startup SME?

The World Bank categorizes small and medium enterprises in general as having less than 50 and 300 employee headcount, with total assets and annual revenues of less than $3 and $15 million respectively. Reflecting different quantitative factors, the yardstick according to the European Union for small and medium businesses are headcounts of less than 50… Read More »