How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes are one of all the all important aspects of the wedding, and like everything else, they need to be absolutely perfect. You need to take your time and try out all the models you have in mind before you make a final decision.

Wedding shoes should be one of the first things you need to check off your list. This is particularly important since they need to fit and match your wedding dress, so by eliminating those from the list will allow you to customize your dress to perfection.


Try to Stay Calm and Look for Comfortable Shoes

It is not like finding shoes for nurse. Keeping your nerves in tact is quite the challenge when you are preparing for a wedding, but being calm while shopping for wedding shoes is of the utmost importance. You will most likely be constantly on your feet for hours and hours, trying different models on.

If you have wide feet, you need to find the most comfortable shoe stand to accommodate your foot shape. Furthermore, you need your toes to be as comfortable as possible as well. Remember, you will be on your feet almost the entire length of the wedding day, so you need to feel comfortable. Opt for high heels with nicely adjusted toes, rather than pointy shoes.

The Size of the Heels

This is a question that you address not only when shopping for wedding shoes but for all kinds of shoes. Naturally, for the optimal sense of comfort you should go for low or medium sized heel shoes. Nevertheless, heels are essential.

One other thing you should take into consideration wheheel_pain_1_600x450n picking the heel size is the height of your partner. If your partner is noticeably taller than you, you would certainly want to go for higher heels. A lot of photos will be taken during the ceremony and they will look best if you and your partner are close in height.

The Shape of the Wedding Shoes

If your wedding takes place during the summer, the ideal shoe shape would be open-toes ones. They will feel more comfortable and prevent your feet from sweating so much. However, if your venue or photo-shoot location involves sand or gravel, you should go for closed shoes, unless you want to clean your shoes from sand and dirt every five minutes.

The Style

Ideally, your shoes will match the color and fabric of your wedding dress, as well as your overall style.

As a rule of thumb, if your wedding dress is more extravagant, you need to complete your look with more basic styled shoes. On the other hand, if your dress is simpler with less details, you should opt for more extravagant wedding shoes to balance things out.

Another crucial thing to take into consideration is the color. Most likely they will be white, but there are lots of shades of white used for weddings. They can be glossy white or cream white. Again, make the decision based on your wedding dress.

Ideal Time for Trying Shoes On

The best time to try wedding shoes on is in the afternoon or evening. That is because your feet swell as the day goes by and by trying your shoes at that period of the day you will ensure they are the right fit.

Now that you have the necessary advice to properly pick your wedding shoes, it’s time to get out there and take one more thing of the wedding list preparations.